Georgetown, Guyana — (March 30, 2018) Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon, this morning, distributed kites to children from across Essequibo Islands-West Demerara (Region Three), encouraging them to participate fully in the celebration of Easter. The distribution was done at Wales Primary School, West Demerara Secondary School, and the Den Amstel Community Centre as part of the administration’s annual exercise, which allows the President and Ministers of Government to meet and interact with children across the country and encourage participation in the annual tradition of kite flying in Guyana.

“Easter is an important time in the life of Christians and it has now become a celebration for all Guyana, irrespective of… your religion… As you raise your kites remember [the flag], remember Guyana. Remember that Guyana is a place for all of us. We’re one country, one Guyana. So remember that this is a time of togetherness. It is a time of cohesion… it’s about oneness,” the State Minister said.

Minister Harmon also said that the flags raised high in the air are symbolic of the rising hope in the hearts of all Guyanese. “The holiday of Easter represents the rising of hope for Guyana and the rising of hope for all of the children of Guyana… So today as I distribute these kites, it is really a symbol of what we all hope for in Guyana, that is a rising of all our hope and expectation and the delivery of a good life for all of us as we live together in peace and harmony in this country,” he said.

Teacher at the Wales Primary School, Ms. Nichola Gould was inspired by the Minister’s words. “It’s a great initiative because, as he said… Guyana is on the rise, especially where children are concerned because… the youth [will be] the leaders,” she said.

The State Minister was accompanied by his mother, Ms. Susan Clement and his daughter, Ms. Daniele Harmon-Klien.

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