Georgetown, Guyana – (February 13, 2018) As Guyanese, particularly our Hindu brothers and sisters, today observe Maha Shivaratri, Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton extends best wishes on behalf of the Ministry of Social Cohesion and the Government of Guyana.

In English, “Maha Shivaratri” translates to “The Night of Shiva”. Lord Shiva is regarded as one of the main deities in Hinduism. Maha Shivaratri celebrates the overcoming of darkness and ignorance. Devotees in Guyana and all over the world and Guyana, over a 24-hour period, commit to Vrat (fasting), all-night prayer and meditation.

Dr. Norton, who also holds responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, believes that all Guyanese can be guided by the noble teachings of Lord Shiva. “Lord Shiva is the God that promotes peace of mind. His teachings revolve around empathy, humility and compassion. He teaches us that anger should be channeled toward constructive acts that benefit mankind, because in the end, we all will eventually leave this material world behind,” Dr. Norton said.

The Minister also encouraged the practice of forgiveness, a strong quality of Lord Shiva, particularly at a time when the country is seeking to strengthen unity and social cohesion in order to forge a brighter future.

“These are the kinds of qualities that all Guyanese should embrace as we forge ahead to build a more cohesive society. I encourage my Hindu brothers and sisters to utilise this blessed occasion for spiritual growth and intellectual upliftment,” Minster Norton added.

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