Georgetown, Guyana – (January 27, 2018) President David Granger, yesterday, told members of staff at the Ministry of the Presidency that he trusts and likes them as a team of public servants as they have strived to live up to his expectations of integrity, impartiality, industry and intelligence. The Head of State was at the time speaking at the Ministry’s staff appreciation exercise in the Baridi Benab at State House, where staff members were honoured for serving for 25 years or more, meritorious work done, academic achievements at a tertiary institution and long and dedicated service beyond the call of duty.

Reminding the staff that their role as public servants literally means that they must execute their functions in service to the people of Guyana, the President declared, “I work with teams and in teams you have to learn to trust each other. We have to work to rely on each other, and I like this team and I trust this team. This team that I am working with,” the President said. He also reminded that he has never sought to determine the political leanings of any public servant, but has simply called on them to demonstrate the qualities of a good public servant.

President Granger also expressed to the gathering the pride he feels of serving the public alongside the staff members of the Ministry. “Over the last 32 months I have been very happy to serve along with you in the Ministry of the Presidency. When we met I asked for an ‘unbribable’ public service, that is to say a public service that was founded on the principles of integrity,” the President said.

Meanwhile, Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon said that the ceremony is about giving back to the industrious staff for their dedicated service over the years. He noted that the exercise is an investment in their future. “We are not just rewarding you for the thing that you have done. We are investing in you for the future,” Mr. Harmon said.

The State Minister also said that Governments come and go, but it is its public service which provides continuity from one administration to the next. “We want to acknowledge the work done by you for all of those years that you may have not have been appreciated,” the Minister said.

Minister Harmon further touted the work of the administration as a smooth sailing ship, despite challenges it has had to deal with along the way. He also expressed much appreciation to the President who he described as a visionary for the country.

During the one-hour presentation 55 staff members received awards. Some 22 persons received for meritorious work done, five for academic achievements at a tertiary education, seven persons for dedicated service beyond the call of duty, 10 persons for service 25 years and over and nine persons for long service. Two retirees were also awarded for their service as well. Some of those who were acknowledge are Ms.Wonnetta Peters, Ms. Shondel Benjamin, for academic achievement; Mr. Gansham Singh, Mr. Ryan Akeong for meritorious work done; Mr. Alwayne Williams, Mr. Keith Goodridge and Ms. Leyota Hookumchand for service of 25 years and over, among others. At the conclusion of the presentations members of the Ministry sang National Songs, and got a chance to connect and interact with personnel from different departments of the Ministry and the Presidency.

Also present at the ceremony today was First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger and Permanent Secretary, Ms. Abena Moore, who organised and chaired the ceremony.

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