Georgetown, Guyana – (December 18, 2017) President David Granger, today, said that State House is a home for all Guyanese, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or culture, as he hosted a luncheon for leaders from the Christian community in observance of Advent, a season observed by Christians as a time of celebration of the Birth of Christ.

In his remarks to the leaders, which included Bishop Raphael Massiah, CCH, Bishop John Smith, CCH, Apostle Elsworth Williams, CCH, Apostle Winston McGowan, CCH, Reverend Patrick Doolichand, Bishop Louis Crawford, CCH, Apostle Alim Musalim and Reverend Ravindra Shiwnandan, President Granger said that he is opened to engaging all sections and people of society. President Granger has been meeting with the Christian leaders since his time as Leader of the Opposition and this transcended to his assumption to the office of President.

“I would like to ask that we maintain this pattern of meetings so that we do not break contact. No matter how brief it is, no matter if there is lunch or not, I think it is important that we meet and engage on matters that you want to discuss. It is not a political rally. It is not a one sided story. I wanted to welcome you here at Advent. At Diwali, the Hindus were here and after Eid, the Muslims were here. On the May 16, I said that I am President of all Guyana and Hindus are welcomed here, Muslims are welcomed here and Christians are welcomed here,” he said.

As part of the discussion, President Granger said that he also wants to focus on the 500th anniversary of what is called the Protestant Reformation, which was celebrated on October 31, 2017 and to determine the effects it has on the wider world and Guyana.

Meanwhile, Bishop Massiah, in brief remarks, noted that the Christian community is thankful yet fascinated that the President has decided to engage the Christian community on matters of national importance. Every Guyanese and institution, he said, has a role and duty to fulfil in the country’s development and it must begin now.

“Since he was the Leader of the Opposition, we met with him and we found it fascinating that he wanted to engage the Christian community on issues that were heavy on his heart and the vision that he had for the development of the nation. We believe that Guyana is poised to fulfil her continental destiny and that destiny would only be fulfilled as we ensure that the values that we share and admire, those values we must not trade them away or give them away. We have the duty to engage at every level. We cannot neglect our Guyana, our city and the systems and structures. We have a duty to engage and we admire the leadership of His Excellency,” he said.

After the opening statement, the President and the leaders engaged in private discussions on several matters. Present at the luncheon were leaders from Newton Assembly of God Church, First Assembly of God Church, Central Assembly of God Church, Full Gospel of God South Road, Bourda, Glory Light Tabernacle, Love and Faith World Outreach Ministry, Tucville House of Prayer and Betthel Church of God.

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