Georgetown, Guyana – (December 15, 2017) President David Granger, today, met with the Mayor of Bartica, Mr. Gifford Marshall and members of the Town Council at State House, where he was updated on the projects the Town has undertaken in pursuit of transforming Bartica into model ‘green’ town as the country forges ahead with its ‘green’ development agenda.

Providing an update to the President, Mayor Marshall said that since gaining township status under this administration, the municipality has been making great strides in fulfilling its mission of becoming the first ‘green’ town in Guyana and the Caribbean. To this end, he said that the Town Council along with the regional administration is currently focusing on several areas including sustainable land use planning, community engagements, a change in policies with regard to infrastructural development, transitioning to renewable energy, creation of ‘green’ spaces and the implementation of an integrated solid waste management project.

President Granger told the Mayor and the other members of the Municipality present at the meeting that the plan to transform Bartica into a ‘green’ town is visionary as he noted that he is pleased with what the Town has accomplished thus far and is still pursuing but called on them to mobilise and engage every resident so that they too can become involved. “This vision is not a party vision. This is a Government’s vision. This is something that the people must buy in to and be proud of being a Bartician. Every child going to school must know what Bartica stands for. Let’s pay attention to the people and ensure we mobilise,” the President said.

The Mayor said that the Town is currently benefitting from a US$650,000 project launched on June 5, 2017, which is aimed at establishing a reliable point of reference for the existing state of energy use in Bartica.

The financing was received from the Government of Italy in support of the Model ‘Green’ Town, Bartica Project. The data generated from this pilot will be used for future measurements and predictions for evidence-based decision-making and pursuance of projects and programmes. The project will be divided into two phases: In phase one, which is expected to last an average of 12 months, all the energy audits and public awareness exercises will completed and the energy data management centre will be established. To the degree possible, some small-scale pilots/demonstrations will commence. In phase 2, the information gathered will be utilised to undertake the demonstration projects.

Under a second project launched earlier this year also, Bartica is benefitting from the installation of a 20Kwp grid connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system at the 3-Mile Secondary School along with the installation of energy efficient lighting, as well as light-emitting diode (LED) street lighting.

The partnership, which is being funded by the Government of Japan to the tune of $15 million, is being done through a fund, which is used to support countries in advancing the process of improving energy security planning for adaptation to climate change. Additionally, the Golden Beach Development Project, which will see major development along the waterfront of Bartica has commenced and is expected to be completed by February. The completion of this project will see Bartica boasting the first Boardwalk in the country.

“We would like to have a Bartica that is clean, green and pristine. We have a major task to clean up that area and preserve the beauty in that area. As part of this, we are also working on a new Stelling and that will the key to what will be happening in Bartica as it is the port of entry,” Mr. Marshall said.

Further, the Town has constructed a ‘green’ park at the West Indian Housing Scheme in Bartica, which is powered by solar energy. This will be launched in January and provides a clean and ‘green’ space for families in the area.

Mr. Marshall said that the Town has also transformed the Byderabo Dumpsite and is building a new market area as it continues to pursue integrated solid waste management.

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