Georgetown, Guyana – (December 13, 2017) First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, today, attended a Thanksgiving Service and Christmas Party hosted by the Daisies Health and Wellness club for senior citizens in Linden, Upper Demerara-Berbice. The club, located at Trent Bridge, Wismar Housing Scheme, entertained and catered to over 65 members and other senior citizens from other health clubs and from the community.

Addressing the many smiling faces at the service, Mrs. Granger said that senior citizens must be recognised the plethora of valuable contributions that they have made to their communities, families and workplaces. “It is very important that that history of service, that history of belonging and giving and tradition is passed on to future generation,” she said.

Additionally, the First Lady committed to exploring what measures that could be taken by her and her team to partner with the health club to help to provide exercise gear and equipment as well as instructors for yoga, aerobics and other such activities designed for senior citizens. This, she said, is aimed at improving the overall wellbeing of its members.

Meanwhile, Coordinator of the Club and today’s event, Dr. Salome Henry, said that it is her love for the elderly that motivated her to take up responsibility for the work of the club and by proxy coordinate such an event for them. She said that while she had faced some challenges in executing the event, the overwhelming support from the members, church and community leaders, business owners, family and friends had helped to ensure that the event was a success.

“We asked a lot of people for support and some people really gave… I want to say thanks to all the business folks in Linden. I would say we had some minor little hiccups but most of it went smoothly,” she said.

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