President David Granger: I am very happy to be here this afternoon to extend to you the congratulations of the Government of Guyana, of the Cabinet and of the Guyana Defence Board.

Today, tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, solders, policemen, militia men, fire men will be on duty by day and by night. While the nation sleeps, every hour of the day and night you and your comrades in uniform will be on duty somewhere in Guyana. We are proud of you. We are proud that you have selected to serve your nation. We are proud that you have been selected to receive these awards. We are proud that over the years the service provided by the army, the police, the militia and the fire service have kept Guyana safe.

These awards are a mere token; they are mere symbols. They are what a grateful nation could extend to you. There is no way that we could thank you enough for all that you do every day to keep this country safe. Over the years, the Guyanese nation has been able to rely on you. I urge that you cherish these awards, they might be simple- a metal disc and a bit of cloth -but every Army in the world recognises service by presenting these awards to persons who have distinguished themselves through their long service; through their courage and through their example and Guyana is no different.

I urge you to wear these awards with pride. I urge you to preserve them and show them to your children, to your siblings, so that you can be an example to them whether or not they choose to come into uniform; they will realise that service to the nation has its own rewards. Once again, on behalf of the nation, on behalf of the Government, on behalf of the Guyana Defence Board, I would like to thank you very sincerely for your service, to congratulate you. The nation of Guyana is grateful to you.

Thank you and may God bless you all.

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