Georgetown, Guyana – (November 29, 2017) President David Granger said that as Guyana pursues the goal of full renewable energy use by 2025, it looks forward to learning from Germany’s considerable experience in energy transition, noting that both countries are deeply concerned about the threats posed to humanity by climate change, environmental degradation and the increasing loss of the world’s biodiversity. The Head of State made these remarks today, when he accepted Letters of Credence from His Excellency Holger Wilfried Michael, accrediting him as the new Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Guyana.

“The ‘green state’ will place emphasis on the protection of our environment, the preservation of our biodiversity, the promotion of the generation of energy from renewable sources and the adoption of practical measures to ensure climate adaptation. The signing of the Agreement on Financial Cooperation on Tropical Rainforest Protection between Guyana and Germany in April 2010 has led to increased support for the preservation of Guyana’s Protected Areas System. This support is consistent with Guyana’s green development thrust,” he said.

The President also spoke of Guyana’s plans to establish a world-class biodiversity centre, given its enviable location in heart of the Guiana Shield and its commitment to environmental protection.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Michael said that Germany wholeheartedly supports President Granger’s statement at this year’s United Nations General Assembly where he spoke of a sustainable planet as being humanity’s ultimate patrimony. “Germany offers its hand of continued partnership with the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to overcome the consequences of climate change, which pose a significant threat to Small Island Developing States as well as low-lying coastal areas. We look forward to jointly explore ways to accompany Guyana’s green development strategy,” he said.

The Ambassador, during a meeting with Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon prior to the Accreditation Ceremony, said that while this is his first visit to Guyana, in doing his research on the country he was particularly impressed with the measures that the Government is implementing to protect its rainforests and committed to advocating for support for this endeavour.

The Diplomat and Minister Harmon spoke in depth of Guyana’s Green Development Strategy, which includes widening its acreage of protected areas, while exploring the sustainable development of its oil and gas sector.
Guyana and the Federal Republic of Germany established formal diplomatic relations in September 1966, shortly after Guyana gained its Independence in May of that year. Last year, the two countries celebrated 50 years of friendly bilateral relations based on mutual respect and understanding, peaceful co-existence, respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs and a commitment to human development.

Ambassador Michael replaces Lutz Hermann Gorgens whose tour of duty ended earlier this year.

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