President David Granger: Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Moses Nagamootoo; Honourable Yonette Cummings-Edwards, Chancellor of the Judiciary and Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Orders of Guyana; Honourable Dr. Barton Scotland, Speaker of the National Assembly; Honourable Vice Presidents; Honourable Ministers of Government; Honourable Justice Allison Roxane George, Chief Justice; Members of the Diplomatic Corps; Members of the National Assembly; national awardees; distinguished invitees; members of the media; ladies and gentlemen.

The National Honours System of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana recognises citizens who have committed themselves to serving, to supporting and to strengthening their country. The National Honour System is about service. The largest of the three Orders of Guyana is The Order of Service. Service is about improving the lives of citizens and their communities. Service is about increasing the country’s wealth and production. Service is about innovation and education, science and technology. Service is about protecting and representing the country and safeguarding the national interest.

The National Honour System is ordained by the Constitution of Guyana. Awards are not ornamental or perfunctory. They’re conferred on deserving nominees only after careful deliberation. They are not bestowed capriciously. I have promised to ensure that never again will the Government of Guyana disregard or disparage this important national institution. Every year at Independence Day the new awardees will be announced.

Ladies and gentlemen, The National Honour System is a reflection of the admiration and appreciation of a grateful nation to its citizens. Awards celebrate the contribution of citizens to the common good.

Awards epitomize the esteem in which the recipients are held by a grateful nation. Awards embody the exemplary service and high values of citizens’ success. Awards encourage others, especially the young, to emulate the elders’ achievements.

I congratulate this year’s awardees and I applaud your contributions to Guyana.

I thank you for your exemplary service.

May God bless you all!

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