Georgetown, Guyana – (July 28, 2017) President David Granger, earlier today, received a courtesy call from Director of the Princess International Group, Mr. Mehmet Hamdi Karagozoglu at State House, who expressed full confidence in the company’s investments in the Guyanese economy, noting that it is quite pleased with the level of success, being recorded.

Mr. Karagozoglu said that his company and its subsidiaries will continue to invest as opportunities become available over the next few years.

“We will keep coming with our investments to Guyana. It is a positive time here in Guyana and all over the world people are talking about Guyana and I think the coming years bring more opportunities for Guyana. We are very confident in Guyana. We are quite positive and we have a friendly government who are opened to helping investors and we are looking forward to more opportunities,” he said.

President Granger, in his remarks, said that the Government is focused on creating a diverse, robust economy and is always opened to receiving investors in all areas of trade and investment. As the country continues to make strides in its pursuit of a ‘green’ economy, President Granger told the investor that the tourism industry and hotel operators are poised to reap great benefits.

“There are many opportunities for the people and businesses in the days to come. Things may seem a little slow but there are opportunities for us to take advantage off. We will always welcome investors here to Guyana. We are a part of the Guiana Shield and part of the lungs of the earth and we are taking this seriously. The hotel industry is well placed for the years to come. We are pleased with your contributions and we see you as our long term partners,” he said.

Mr. Eray Kanmaz, General Manager of the Ramada Princess Casino Guyana, who was also present at the meeting echoed similar sentiments as Mr. Karagozoglu, noting that Guyana has great investment benefits and potential.

“We are quite pleased with the response and business right now. We can see the rating of the hotel has improved. We are seeing it differently from people on the streets and we are very happy,” he said.

The company has committed to further supporting President Granger’s ‘Boats, Buses and Bicycles plus Breakfast and Books’ or ‘Five Bs’ initiative. Last year, it donated a bus and 50 bicycles.

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