Georgetown, Guyana – (June 7, 2017) Continuing his advocacy for the protection of Small-Island Developing States (SIDS), President David Granger issued a call to the international community, particularly the European Union (EU), to support the structural transformations, which are needed to ensure that small-island and low-lying coastal states survive the perils of global warming and climate change. The Head of State made this call at the 11th edition of the European Development Days in Brussels, Belgium. The EU’s European Development Days is an annual summit, which brings together over 6,000 members of the global development community each year to share ideas and experiences in ways that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

“Small-island developing and low-lying coastal states require significant investment and transfers of technology to implement their ‘green’ plans. Investment in development must be linked to investment to protect our environment, so as to avoid global environmental catastrophe. Investment in the environment means investment in the future; investment in the earth and investment in eternity. There can be nothing more profitable than protecting our common patrimony,” the Guyanese Head of State said.

The President reminded world leaders that climate change is a single threat, which endangers the entire globe. He reminded that it is small states like Guyana that are making major contributions to arrest this global problem and noted that greenhouse gas emission ratios in such states are among the lowest in the world.

Speaking on the ‘green’ development trajectory, which Guyana is pursuing, President Granger pointed out that “the ‘green’ model represents hope for mother earth. “The ‘green’ model of development places emphasis on protecting the world’s eco-systems, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, through renewable energy use and providing environmental services to the world, through avoided deforestation and conservation,” he said.

The President delivered a similar message, during a panel discussion held yesterday, which focused on the relationship between the EU and the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Group of States. He called for a long-term partnership between the two bodies that is aimed at protecting the earth’s environment, promoting economic transformation, ensuring human development through increased employment and ensuring a more equal and more peaceful world. He also made an appeal for the future ACP-EU agreement to make provisions for increasing investment flows, extend infrastructure and promote technology.

Issued in collaboration with the EU Delegation in Guyana

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