President David Granger: Thank you, Mr. Morris Wilson. You know I am very happy to be here; every Easter I come here; every Christmas I come here and I think some of you have been here before – anybody been here at Easter before? Yes? Okay. Anybody coming back next year Easter? Well, as the Pastor said, Easter is a special time because it comes at the end of Lent. Lent is a period of 40 days and 40 nights when we remember the sacrifice and the agony and the suffering of Jesus Christ, but at the end of the suffering, we rejoice because we have Jesus’s resurrection.

Now I am here to help to distribute kites; these kites are part of our Guyanese tradition. Kites came to this country over 150 years ago with the Chinese; the Chinese invented kites. They were flying kites in China 1,500 years ago and Guyanese adapted that tradition from them.

So, when you see Guyanese in New York on Easter day; Easter Sunday, you see them in Antigua, you see them in Barbados- nobody else flying kites, only Guyanese flying kites because that is part of our tradition. So, I’m glad that you are here; it is good for the Wilsons to give, but it is better for you to receive. Yes?

So the Wilsons want you to have fun; they want you to enjoy yourself, but they want you to remember the purpose of Easter. Easter is the most important festival in Christianity, it is more important than Christmas because were it not for Easter there would be no Christianity- it celebrates the resurrection of Christ.

So thank you all for coming out and now we will do the thing that we have come out to do- collect kites.

Thank you very much.

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