Government of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Department of Environment

Terms of Reference for Resource Recovery and Conservation Officer

The Department of Environment (DoE), under the aegis of the Ministry of the Presidency, has the mandate to coordinate and lead all efforts in transforming the country to a sustainable and green state by ensuring: (1) the sustainable use, conservation and protection of the natural environment; (2) the development of robust and resilient infrastructure; (3) the creation of comprehensive environmental policies and legislation; (4) the preservation of public health through effective environmental safeguards; and (5) a better quality of life for all Guyanese.
Guyana, being part of the Guianas Shield, is endowed with rich natural resources and abundant biodiversity along with one of the last remaining pristine rainforests of the world. Guyana’s rainforest provides essential ecosystem services inclusive of global climate regulation.
Guyana is a signatory to a plethora of environmental protocols, agreements and treaties that increase our capacity for the effective management of the environment. The country’s ratification of the Paris Agreement in 2016 has demonstrated Guyana’s commitment to global action against climate change and environmental preservation.
Further, the realisation of the recently developed Green State Development Strategy is a critical part of the work of the DoE. Therefore, to deliver its mandate, the DoE is procuring the technical expertise of a Resource Recovery and Conservation Officer who will work with and support the efforts of other ministries, departments, agencies and stakeholders.

The Resource Recovery and Conservation Officer will support the development and management of the DoE’s programmes and work plans relative to resource recovery and conservation, ensuring coherence with the expected strategy of the Department and supporting implementation of programmes and work plans. The officer will work closely with other departments and partners to guarantee smooth implementation of activities.
Under the supervision of the Director of the DoE, the main duties of the Resource Recovery and Conservation Officer will:
• To improve community awareness on resource recovery and conservation issues through education and community participation in recycling, reuse and conservation practices and programs;
• To coordinate and implement the DoE’s resource recovery and conservation programs and assist with the delivery of other corporate goals that relate to the functions of the position;
• Act as a liaison and assist other governmental organisations in the development and implementation of conservation and resource recovery strategies, policies and programs;
• Engage and work collaboratively with internal staff and external stakeholders to achieve consistent and workable policies and programs related to resource recovery and conservation;
• Work closely with the Stakeholder Management Coordinator to design and execute awareness programmes to promote the DoE’s conservation and resource recovery programs;
• Represent the DoE on appropriate committees and cross disciplinary teams, and at meetings and forums related to resource recovery and conservation;
• Collect, maintain data and report on project effectiveness for internal and external reports and program evaluation;
• Perform any other duties that may be assigned by the DoE.

• Master of Science Degree in Natural Resource Management, Environmental Management, Environmental Sciences, or other relevant field
• A minimum of 3 years of experience at a senior supervisory or managerial level

• Articulate, analytical and decisive with excellent communication, negotiating and presentation skills
• Be able to think independently and work under minimum supervision
• Must be resourceful
• Strong problem solving skills and creativity
• Ability to maintain confidentiality as required
• Must be flexible
• Must be able to work effectively as part of a team
o Respect for each other and office arrangements (time, rules, information-sharing, etc.)
o Support team members (team work)

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