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Georgetown, Guyana – (March 30 2017) First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger said that women have the power to ‘unlock their potential for greatness’ if they believe in themselves and invest in their personal development. Mrs. Granger made these comments while delivering the feature address at the opening ceremony of the fourth annual Women’s Conference, hosted by Freedom Life Ministries under the theme ‘Women stronger than their struggles’. The ceremony was held at the Church’s headquarters in Princes and Lyng Streets, Georgetown, last night.

“Many of us believe that we are very ordinary people. We believe that nothing remarkable happens to us; that our lives are of little or no importance… Listening to all those voices and ignoring the one voice we should hear slams the lid shut on those qualities with which we have been gifted. They deny us the ability to find our treasures and reach our full potential. They stop us from looking deep into ourselves and unlocking the treasures waiting to be discovered there,” Mrs. Granger told the gathering.

She also told the women that, though faced with trials, it is important for them to recognise their full potential at all times. “We must look deep and recognise those qualities we possess; God given qualities, which we tend to believe, are not important. We need to examine and learn about ourselves. This means that we must know and understand ourselves; believe that we are unique and precious in God’s sight and find and use the talents, which he gave us so that we may grow and prosper through that knowledge and understanding,” Mrs. Granger said.

Guest speaker, Dr. Darlene Dey of Freedom Life Ministries – United States of America (USA), New York, in her address, charged the women to remove barriers and allow God’s way to take its course. “Celebrate your importance; what you have and what is inside of you. I see progress in you when it is time for God to use you, he will surely use you. There’s a treasure in you. There’s value in you. Break down that wall. Do not wait for somebody else to unlock that treasure but you,” Dr. Dey said.

Prophet Joel Uwagboe, who declared the conference open, reminded the women, that they were more powerful than they can imagine.

“I challenge you ladies to be optimistic and be positive… In order to become stronger than your struggles you have to become familiar with the darkness, which is here to strike you down in your search for hope and survival. You are powerful”, Prophet Uwagboe said.

The congregation was led in musical renditions from members of the Freedom Life Ministries choir. While the ceremony saw the attendance of members, from several branches of Freedom Life Ministries across Guyana and internationally, including Barbados, Suriname, Canada and the United States of America.

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