President David Granger: Thank you, please be seated. Well you know what three persons will be doing after their political careers are over, the Prime Minister, the Minister of State and the President will be conducting bands somewhere in Guyana, but not yet.
First of all I would like to thank Superintendent [Charmaine] Stuart and the inspectors and members, subordinate officers and members of the band and of course the choir.
I don’t know if my ears are getting more mature but I enjoyed this session. I think that at this time of the year several things come together: one is the food and the drink, then the short working hours, the shopping but most of all I think it’s the music which tells you that something is happening that doesn’t happen at any other time of the year and what we’ve heard this afternoon helps to give us this Christmas feeling and… I don’t think any President will tell you to go back to work on an afternoon like this, but it’s all about being Guyanese; it’s all about enjoying this festival, it’s not about any particular group or religion, it’s all about the fact that we could come together in fellowship and in friendship and enjoy this and… regardless of our age, we all recognise these standards.
I mean, for myself of course, everything that was played this afternoon I would have heard 60 years ago and – I see my friend Mr. Desmond Trotman (you recognise everything here?) and the Prime Minister of course. Well, these are standards and they help to inform us about the culture that we share in Guyana, let all of us sit down and appreciate this beautiful music.
If my history is correct- next year the Police Band will celebrate its 50th anniversary of being a Police Band. Up to 1957 it used to be, I believe, the Militia Band and then for some reason the powers that be changed it from the Militia Band to the Police Band, but what we heard this afternoon assures us that the Band not only deserves the M.S. because the Band does have a Medal of Service but also that year by year it is becoming even better.
So on behalf of the staff of the Ministry of the Presidency, we’d like to thank Superintendent Stuart and the members of the Band for entertaining us and bringing the Christmas spirit to us today, and we would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Presidency, to wish all of you a very happy Christmas and a happy new year. [Applause.]
Thank you.
I used to sing in the choir you know and so those flashes of brilliance you saw this afternoon… and don’t be surprised if in years to come there is more of it but thank you very much we appreciate it and we love you all.
May God bless you, have a good Christmas.

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