Georgetown, Guyana – (March 22, 2017) The Ministry of Social Cohesion will, tomorrow, launch Harmony Village on Main Street, Georgetown, under the theme “Beauty in Diversity; Celebrating Guyana.” As that theme suggests, the event is aimed at promoting the various cultures and the ethnic, religious identities of social groups in Guyana.

Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton, who held a Press Conference today at the Ministry of the Presidency to announce the launch of the event, said that the activity will bring together Government agencies, religious organisations, social groups, ethnic groups as well as the international community for one spectacular display.

“The village creates an opportunity for inclusion and presentation of a myriad of diverse groups, which works towards the common goal of displaying and celebrating Guyana’s beauty and diversity. We say that in its truest sense. We hope that Guyanese can come out and enjoy the diverse displays,” he said.

The event will feature approximately 30 booths, which will promote local and international cuisine, cultural wear, dance, poetry, folklore and the display of art, artifacts and literature. It opens at 9:30hrs and will run until 18:00hrs on Main Street, between Church and Quamina Streets. Admission is free.

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