Year: <span>2016</span>
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President Granger says Government cannot function without truthful media – commits to strengthened relationship and capacity building support

  • Posted: January 04, 2016
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Georgetown, Guyana – (January 03, 2015) President David Granger, today, pledged monetary support from the Government to the Guyana Press Association (GPA) to aid training programmes and workshops, which will build capacity in the press corp. The President made this announcement to members of the media, who were present at a Media Brunch, hosted on …

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President Granger attends church on Old Year’s Night -commits to continuing to build public trust and confidence in 2016

  • Posted: January 01, 2016
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Georgetown, Guyana – (January 1, 2016) As across the Nation, Guyanese ushered in Guyana’s Jubilee year, President David Granger, like many others, spent the time in prayer and reflection at the Church of the Transfiguration on Mandela Avenue.  Speaking earlier in the day, yesterday, President Granger said that his New Year resolution is to create …

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