President David Granger: Mainly people are concerned with ensuring that all of the organs, all of the processes of CARICOM move ahead more quickly, this is what we are committed to [doing].

So I think the caucus will be committed this afternoon working out the legalities for ensuring that the [CARICOM Single Market and Economy] CSME and all of the other CARICOM processes move ahead more quickly. So there is no roadblock; there is no obstacle. As you know, there have been changes in several Heads of Government; three Heads have changed and others have been elected. So we are using this opportunity to move ahead much more quickly.

We were very happy also to welcome the President of Chile and as you know in a few minutes time she will be opening… the Chilean Embassy here in Georgetown, which will be able to I suppose, concretise the relationship with CARICOM.
Chile of course as you know, has a very long coastline and it’s – I don’t want to say seafaring but the maritime environment is important, not only to Chile but also to the Caribbean, which is largely made up of island states and Chile as you know, has been very severely affected by environmental disasters; it is part of the pacific rim of fire as it is called. So there are very frequent earthquakes and Chile would be able to lend expertise not only in terms of disaster management and preparedness, but also in terms of climate change.

Media representative: Is Guyana considering a High Commission for Trinidad and Tobago?

President David Granger: Guyana is considering it, yes.
Media representative: So an official word has been already sent out to the Trinidad Government?

President David Granger: We are in discussions with the Trinidad and Tobago Government. We are committed to CARICOM and it is one means of strengthening our relations with important CARICOM States, so we need an ambassador to CARICOM and it is likely that that High Commissioner will be based in Trinidad and Tobago.

Media representative: But specifically to Trinidad and Tobago because Prime [Keith] Rowley said that there is one for Jamaica between Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica and we see they [have] agreed to have one in Barbados?

President David Granger: Well that is a question for Trinidad and Tobago, but we are concerned with the entire CARICOM and our High Commissioner to CARICOM is likely to be based in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Media representative: Mr. President you have received a status report on the CSME. What are its contents?

President David Granger: I would not like to comment on that. I prefer the Chairman of CARICOM to comment on that but as I said, we are committed to removing any obstacles to the smooth functioning of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy and we are going to go into caucus; so I would say that discussions will continue in caucus this afternoon.

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