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Georgetown, Guyana – (December 9, 2016) President David Granger, earlier today, handed over $1 million to the North West Secondary school, to boost the institution’s science and technology facilities. The President said that a science based education is the key to the development of the Region and, by extension, the country.

Presenting the cheque to the acting Head Mistress of the school, Ms. Carlotta Joseph at the Mabaruma Airstrip, even as it started to rain, the President said that as the country pursues a path towards ‘green’ development, it is important that advances be made in the areas of science and technology. He noted that this is an investment that the Government is making to ensure the emergence of a richer region and country, thereby ensuring a better life for all Guyanese.

“We feel that education and equality is the basis for providing employment. It is the basis for empowerment and it is the basis for driving our economy. We have embarked on what we call the ‘green’ strategy and in order to exploit this ‘green’ strategy and in order to exploit our resources and to make this region a richer region, science and technology must be the basis of your education system. This region is bigger than Trinidad and we are convinced that you all, if you embrace science and technology, can produce all of the commodities that they require in Barbados and in Grenada. Any avocado pear, any mango, any fruit, anything you want, you can produce in this region,” the President said.


President David Granger (centre) and acting Head Mistress, Ms. Carlotta Joseph (left) with some of the students of the North West Secondary School and regional officials.

The Head of State told the representatives of the school that once results are seen, then the Government will continue to invest in the school. “Our government is going to help any school that is prepared to help themselves and if you put this money to good use, next year Christmas, you will get another million dollars,” he said.

To express thanks to the President, a poem written by a student of the school, Jermaine Joseph was performed, which read, “It is not often that you find a heart that palpitates for mankind. For us, your interest is nothing shy of the best for we have seen that you are one so keen for you act on thought that most keep at bay. With hearts of genuflection we acknowledge your kindness, a man of sustained interest, none can claim rejection.”

This is the fourth school but fifth institution, which has benefited from the President’s endowment of funds for the science and technology education. In December 2015 he pledged $1 million to support the educational programmes, which are being undertaken by the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG).

In September of this year, the President pledged an initial $1 million to boost the Berbice High School’s (BHS) computer. Later, in October, the President in re-emphasising the importance of designing curricula focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) handed over another $1M to the Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN) Hindu School at their 12th graduation ceremony. In November, the President presented $1M dollars to the President’s College at its 26th Graduation exercise.

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