President David Granger: Well, I’d just like to say thank you. It’s the first time I’ve been to Hope Children’s Home (HCH) and I’d like to thank everyone who planned this brief encounter.

As you can see, it was focused on Guyana, it was focused on this beautiful land that we have inherited from our fore parents and that we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

I’d like to congratulate you for the work that you are doing here among children on the East Coast of Demerara and to assure you that the Ministry of the Presidency will continue to support your work. I hope to be back before the next 71 years.

I’d like to particularly thank David and Marilyn Dewar, who came out at extremely short notice. These are two persons who are committed to the culture of our country, particularly the musical culture of our country. They have served well for decades and they continue to serve, and I think their presence here has enlivened the atmosphere in HCH today.

To all your team, the managers, the administrators and particularly to the children; we have an opportunity in Guyana now to continue to remove inequalities so that persons who have any challenges would get the same opportunity or equal opportunity to be the best that they could be, and the ministry and the government will do everything possible to ensure that they enjoy the benefits of this beautiful land.

Over and over again, I tell people, I tell children, I tell leaders of the community that Guyana is the biggest CARICOM country.

I only hope and pray that children here would get an opportunity to go into other parts of Guyana and see how beautiful the country is and that people like yourself, the church and other organisations will help to give them the resources and the opportunities to become citizens like everybody else and to have that good life.

So thank you. I enjoyed being here this morning even for just a short encounter but I wish you everything that is good, in terms of your health, the happiness, the education of your children and, of course, that one day we’ll all be able to enjoy fully the benefits of this country.
So thank you very much and I enjoyed it very much.

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