Georgetown, Guyana – (April 29, 2016) Guyana will be participating in the Regional Technical Training Workshop on Climate Outlook and the Implications for the 2016 Wet/Hurricane Season, which will be held in Roseau, Dominica from May 25-31, 2016.

Guyana will be represented by acting Forecaster and Meteorological Technician Mr. Eron McPherson.

The workshop is being organised by the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) in collaboration with the Regional Climate Outlook Forum (RCOF) and the Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CARICOF).

Guyana’s participation in this workshop is intended to contribute to the improvement in the country’s capabilities in the preparation of a more accurate seasonal climate outlook reports and will help to advance Guyana’s efforts in the planning and decision making stages across all sectors, especially those that rely on reliable climate information.

Guyana will not be bearing any financial responsibility for its participation in the workshop.

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