Georgetown, Guyana – (March 18, 2016) President David Granger, last evening, told New Amsterdam residents that it is essential that a closer working relationship is developed among Central, Regional and Municipal Government in order to effect the kind of changes that the people of Guyana deserve.

The President was at the time addressing scores of residents who showed up at a public meeting at Main Street, New Amsterdam. He was accompanied by First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, Minister of Public Security, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of Social Cohesion, Ms. Amna Ally and Minister within the Ministry of Education, Ms. Nicolette Henry.

The President spoke of the coalition party’s fight to ensure that local democracy was returned to the hands of the ordinary people, noting that it, “is not a matter of self-interest, this is not a matter of partisan interest, it is a matter of the national good”.

Speaking about the economic potential of Region Six, the Head of State said the Region’s capital, New Amsterdam, must be restored and its physical and social infrastructure must be fixed.

From left: Ministers Nicolette Henry and Khemraj Ramjattan, First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger President David Granger and Minister Amna Ally at a meeting with the people of New Amsterdam, last evening.

Turning to the representatives of the various constituencies, he challenged them to ensure that New Amsterdam becomes a hub that is befitting of a commercial region; noting that the ‘business as usual’ approach will not be accepted.

The President further challenged them to focus on education and job creation in the region. He also reminded residents of the large Guyanese diaspora which they can tap into to drive agro-processing and manufacturing business ventures.

“I want the next Town Council to pay attention to those areas of poverty…we have to eliminate poverty so that people can get a break in life,” President Granger said.

Meanwhile, Minister Ramjattan pointed out that there is an entire generation that knows nothing about Local Government Elections. However, he informed them that turning out in their numbers at today’s polls is the first step in the journey towards a better life.

Minister Henry, who hails from New Amsterdam, told her hometown residents to capitalise on this golden opportunity to elect persons who are capable and who understand their need for better drainage, garbage collection and other vital services.

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New Amsterdam residents rush to meet President David Granger, on his arrival in New Amsterdam last evening.

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