(31st October, 2015) His Excellency President Brigadier David Granger: I think within the space of five mere months you all have impressed the general public, tourists, and visitors tell me about it. Only one person has criticized what is happening in the city, (I didn’t call the name, you know I am a prudent person.) but I would like to thank you all at the City Council for leading this campaign.

I would like to congratulate you for what you’ve achieved and I would like to urge you to continue, up to our Independence Anniversary, and beyond. We have to make what you’re doing sustainable and we got some hints from the actual residents, about bins. 

As you know, I go around… and when I see things [that] are wrong I speak to the people, like the police compound at Eve Leary, they are one of the biggest property owners. I’m not criticizing them; I’m just giving them a hint. And we have to look at the big property owners…. I’d like to thank you again for what you all are doing. 

Alright, thank you again. 

Town Clerk, Madam, nice to meet you again. 


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