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Georgetown, Guyana – (January 7, 2016) President David Granger, today, received a copy of the Holy Quran from Shaykh Faid Muhammad Said, an Islamic scholar from the United Kingdom, who is currently visiting Guyana under the auspices of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG).

In accepting the holy book, President Granger thanked the scholar and the CIOG for continuing to extend the reach of Islam in Guyana.

“Ignorance of other people’s customs and beliefs is normally the source of conflict and once that is removed, people will understand that we are all one and there is no reason for us to fight each other,” the President said.

The visiting delegation also included Mr. Nazim Baksh, a Guyanese by birth who resides in Canada, and Ustadh Nader Khan, a qaseeda singer and social activist from Canada. They were accompanied by the CIOG Director, Shaikh Moen ul-Hack; CIOG President, Mr. Fazeel Ferouz; Mr. Kads Khan and Mr. Fazil Hack, also from the CIOG.

From L-R- Fazil Hack, Director of the CIOG, Shaikh  Moen ul-Hack; Shaykh Faid Muhammad Said, President David Granger, CIOG President, Mr.  Fazeel Ferouz, Mr. Nazim Baksh, Mr. Ustadh Nader Khan, and Mr. Kads Khan at the Ministry of the Presidency today

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Shaykh Faid Muhammad Said handing over a copy of the Holy Quran to President Granger today.

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