Georgetown, Guyana – (January 4, 2016) Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally, yesterday called on residents of Region Two, Pomeroon-Supenaam to renew their resolve to fight inequality and division, even as she reiterated Government’s commitment to ensuring that every citizen is afforded a good life in Guyana.

The Minister was at the time speaking at the first ever ‘Supenaam/Good Hope Unity Fest’,” which was held over the weekend in the Cinderella County.

According to Manager of Cosmos Promotions, Ms. Jennifer Jeffrey, the event was organised with the aim fostering unity among the young people and communities in the area.

“This event seeks to bring together persons from various ethnic groups and not ruling out religion, since my community is a diverse one, in the exhibition of cultures and talent, local produce and more. I believe this is a tangible way to reduce division among the people and to restore the pride of my community. This is an opportunity to capitalise on the momentum gained over the past six months by your government, in building a new government and to consolidate national unity and strengthen commitment to a more cohesive society,” Ms. Jeffrey said.

Minister Ally praised the initiative, saying that such activities are needed for the development of the young people of Guyana.

“You have demonstrated a will to be organised because in many communities we have young people who are not organised. Guyana is in good hands, the hands of the young people because you are the ones who are going to help to chart our destiny,” she said.

Minister Ally noted that while the Ministry of Social Cohesion will be playing its role to ensure that the lives of all Guyanese are improved and division and segregation become a thing of the past, every citizen must also ensure that they participate in the rebuilding of the nation.

“In our country, we have a lot of differences; we have ethnic differences, we have a lot of inequalities, poverty, some people enjoying a better life than others and so this Ministry was established to bridge the gaps between the rich and the poor, to reduce inequalities, to reduce poverty, to give you a better life. You must be able to enjoy what people in Georgetown are enjoying and this Ministry if going to work with you to bridge those gaps…. Regardless of your race, your religion, your gender, learn to live together, to work together so that you can build yourselves and your communities,” Minister Ally said.

To this end, she said that her Ministry has already begun implementing tangible programmes that will vastly improve the lives of those in the region, especially the children.

“To date, through the Ministry of Social Cohesion, President David Granger has been able to put boats on the Pomeroon River for children to go to school… It is the President’s initiative to have the ‘three Bs’ Programme (Boats, Buses and Bicycles) and that is to ensure that our young people go to school because he believes that every child must be in school and every child must have a proper education. We are a young Government, but we will do more. We started with you and we are going to do better with you,” the Minister promised.

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