Georgetown, Guyana – (October 22, 2015) First Lady Mrs. Sandra in her quest to extend much need services to vulnerable groups, including children and the elderly, today, met with Mrs. Paula Mohammed-Benjamin, of the Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children.
Coming out of the meeting, the First Lady said ideas were shared on how services provided by her office can be extended.

“We are talking about how we can create synergies; we are basically talking about how we can work [together] and how I can get volunteers for my programme. We are both community focused and we are seeing how we can involve our seniors and children, in such a way that we get the best results for our efforts,” Mrs. Granger explained. She added that some of the ideas put forward fit in with her own vision and that through the sharing of skills and knowledge, communities can be strengthened.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Benjamin took the opportunity to congratulate the First Lady for the work she has done over the past few months.

First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger and Mrs. Paula Mohammed-Benjamin, a Board member of the Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children, during their meeting, earlier today, at State House.

“The Foundation for the Development of [Caribbean Children] is looking at the child in the community and how the community supports the development of the child. The child cannot develop without the support of the community and the First Lady’s programme really takes in from the child to the elderly and I think this is really a good strategy for producing positive citizens; citizens that are well cared for and citizens that we would really like to see in the productive workforce,” Mrs. Benjamin explained.

The FDCC is the first indigenous, non-profit private foundation in the Caribbean, which evolved from the 10 year Caribbean Child Support Initiative (CCSI) programme. The Organisation is dedicated to early childhood development, and has a track record of providing children the foundation they need in order to reach their maximum potential.

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