Georgetown, Guyana (October 14, 2015) Minister of State Joseph Harmon, earlier today, met with a team from EON Reality, which is one of the largest global software service providers. The team’s meeting with the Minister was facilitated by Ms. Paula Mohammed and included, the Chairman of the Company, Dan Lejerskar, Business Developer, Rick Serree, Rafael Pinto, and Mrs. Anna Lejerskar. Political Advisor, Fredrick Mc Wilfred was also present at the meeting.

Ms. Mohammed said she felt the engagement was a very timely one, as there are a number of reviews and assessments ongoing with the aim of building capacity across a number of sectors locally.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lejerskar said his company is interested in setting up an interactive digital centre, which would have capacity building in knowledge transfer based on virtual reality. Based on the meeting the chairman said he is optimistic, given the reception given to his team and added that he considers Guyana a “fertile ground to explore”.

According to the company’s website, EON Reality is a multinational, virtual reality and augmented reality software developer, headquartered in Irvine, California. The company was founded by Dan Lejerskar, Mikael Jacobsson and Mats W. Johansson in 1999.

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