Georgetown, Guyana – (October 8, 2015) As President Granger accepted letters of Credence from the newly appointed Ambassador from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, he noted that as active members of the Non-Aligned Movement, both countries remain committed to the Principles of that movement. His Excellency, Pak Chang Yul became the official Ambassador to Guyana at the customery ceremony, which was held at the Ministry of the Presidency.

On the occasion, the President said that the two Republics, which share long standing bilateral relations, will remain committed to the principles of mutual non-aggression; mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs; mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and equality and co-operation for mutual benefit.

“The Cooperative Republic of Guyana and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea remain steadfast in their adherence to the precept of peaceful co-existence amongst states,” President Granger said.

Further, the Head of State, in welcoming the Ambassador, said that his government will be looking forward to respectful relations between the two countries. “We extend our best wishes for a productive and successful tour of duty. We assure you of our Government’s full cooperation in the discharge of your responsibilities,” the President said.

Meanwhile, in his remarks, the Ambassador said he is honored to be accredited and indicated his commitment to working with the government to further strengthen ties.

The Cooperative Republic of Guyana and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea established diplomatic relations on May 18, 1974. Guyana and Korea have enjoyed cordial relations ever since. His Excellency Pak Chang Yul, a non-resident Ambassador, will be stationed in neighbouring Suriname, even as the Guyana government works towards establishing an embassy here.

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