Georgetown, Guyana – (October 02, 2015) Guyanese, today, joined in celebrating the 146th birth anniversary of, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, known as The Mahatma (The Great Soul), who will forever be known as the preeminent leader of the independence movement in British-ruled India. On the occasion, which also coincides with the United Nations International Day of Non-violence, President David Granger participated in simple ceremony at the Promenade Garden.

In his brief address to a gathering, which included India’s High Commissioner to Guyana, His Excellency Venkatachalam Mahalingam, President Granger said Guyanese will forever remember Gandhi for his humanity. He added that as a citizen of this world, whose example has inspired generations, The Mahatma will continue to inspire nations and generations to come.

“The Mahatma was a preeminent, political and spiritual leader in India. He played one of the most important roles in India’s independence movement. The Mahatma developed a technique of non-violent agitation, which he called the Satyagraha. He is known for his non-violence civil disobedience in India and also in South Africa,” President Granger reflected.

Notably, the Head of State said, is the fact that Guyana is a beneficiary of many of Gandhi’s efforts. “His activities include the initiation of the non-cooperation movement in 1922, the Satyagraha assault march which, started on March 12, 1930. These are important milestones in the independence of India, one of the pioneers of the post wars independence movement, of which Guyana itself is a beneficiary,” he said.

The President added that The Mahatma continues to be remembered globally for his contributions, not only towards the Indian freedom struggle, pointing out that through his efforts not only did India gain independence, but it inspired a worldwide anti-colonial movement. It is for these and many more reasons, the President said, Gandhi is rightly revered locally and internationally for his struggle against injustice, intolerance and indignity.

Also on the occasion, India’s High Commissioner noted that for him and country it is a great honor to be a part of such an event.

“Gandhi who is considered to be the father of the Indian nation, no longer belongs only Indian. On the other hand, he belongs to the entire humanity and the world. His values have become more relevant for today’s society, which is infested with regional racial and religious intolerance; giving rise to violence, terrorism and war,” the High Commissioner said.

The High Commissioner added that The Mahatma was against the idea of “an eye for an eye” since his policy for non-violence has influenced many international movements to this day.

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