Georgetown, Guyana – (September 21, 2015) – First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, this afternoon launched the ‘Buxton/ Friendship Remedial Education Project’, also referred to as the ‘Buxton Youth Development Project’, at the Friendship Primary School.

The Project, which is a pilot, has been launched to place focus on slow learners as well as the high flyers, to ensure that their academic performance is not only improved but also sustained. It will cater to students from the Buxton/ Friendship area and will involve the collaborative work of the Friendship Primary and the Company Road Primary Schools.

Among those present at the launch were Chairperson of the Region Four Regional Democratic Council (RDC), Genevieve Allen, the collaborators of the project, Mr. Maurice Wilson and Mrs. Jocelyn Wilson, former Headmistress, May Hamer and University of Guyana’s lecturer, Phenela Abrams.

First Lady, Sandra Granger, who delivered brief remarks, said that the idea was borne out of discussions with the villagers on what project was most needed in the community.

Reminiscing on the planning of the project, Mrs. Granger said that once the project was identified, meetings were held with Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, members of community based sport and youth groups, Churches and other Buxtonians who are in the field of education.

She told those gathered that while she has launched the project with the help of the stakeholders, it is now their responsibility to ensure that it becomes a success and serve the academic needs of the children, for which it is intended.

She also implored on Buxtonians to take advantage of the opportunity, while urging parents to ensure that they play their part in encouraging their children to utilise the opportunity to the fullest.

In the meantime, Chairperson of the Region Four RDC, Genevieve Allen, while delivering her remarks, pledged a consignment of books from the Regional Administration to help ensure that the project is a success.

“Reading is important. You gain more knowledge by reading and so you are, therefore able to perform better in your classes,” she explained. She too, urged the residents and parents to take advantage of the project.

“Buxton, at one time used to produce some of the most important people in Guyana. And I trust today that as you receive openly what is going to be given to you that you too can become one very important person coming from this community,” she told the students and parents alike.

Meanwhile, Reverend Paulette Hannibal, a resident of the area, praised the implementation of the project, noting that a new day has broken in the village for children.

“This must be a collaborative effort if we want the best for our children. Too many of our children are falling at the wayside. Too many of our children have been destroyed because of the lack of encouragement and support and so parents you have a great responsibility. All adults have an [responsibility] to ensure that our children are nurtured. Let us make this initiative a success. Let us give our children a bright future. Thank First Lady for making this possible, for seeing Buxton as a priority,” Reverend Paulette expressed.

The Project will target students from Grades 1 to 5, as well as Second year Nursery School students. With a target of 250, the project has already seen 110 students registered to attend the remedial classes. Special emphasis will be placed on students who recorded 45 percent and less in their recent examinations, while the high flyers will also be given guidance and tutoring in any weak areas.

Classes will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 15:30hrs to 17:00hrs at the Friendship Primary School, with plans apace to begin classes at the Company Road Primary soon. In the meantime, a bus will be provided to transport children from the Company Road Primary School to the Friendship Primary School, so that they can begin to benefit from the programme.

Each child will be provided with a meal before the start of class. Depending on the success of this pilot project, other communities will be targeted for similar initiatives.

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