Georgetown, Guyana – (September 18, 2015) In keeping with a personal promise, and one that was made to the nation several years ago, President David Granger, this morning presented a laptop computer to the Head Teacher of Tutorial High School, Ms. Walterine Mc Leod.

“I’m here to fulfill two promises. I made a promise to [your head mistress] but I also made a promise to the Guyanese nation over four years ago. It was made before the 2011 general elections. I said that Guyana was being left behind in the communication age. I said that every teacher should receive a laptop. Now that I’m President, I’m keeping that promise,” the President told the students.

At the simple ceremony, which was held at the School’s compound, the President said over the coming weeks, each teacher, upon entering the Cyril Potter College of Education will receive a laptop computer.

This initiative the President said is aimed at better equipping teachers to in turn prepare their students for the rapidly growing, information and telecommunication age. “Other countries are moving further and faster ahead, and Guyana is being left behind. I regard internet access, I regard the World Wide Web as being an entitlement, and you cannot progress in the modern world without access to the information super highway,” President Granger said.

The President further stressed the need for all Guyanese “to take to the information super highway”. “My purpose for being here this morning is to let you know that we are going to open the doors for the information super highway for every Guyanese child,” he added.

With emphasis being placed on information technology in schools and for teachers, the President also reminded the large gathering of students and teachers that education is also at the forefront of the new administration’s policies. The President pointed out that education plays a critical role in nation building and it is for this reason, every effort will be made to ensure that every school aged child has easy access to an education.

This, the President told the students and teachers, has been the driving force behind the “Three B’s” initiative. He said the government has begun a drive to ensure that transportation is provided for school children in need, in the form of, buses, boats and bicycles.

President Granger added that in the coming months students will be provided with the basic necessities for attending school including; text books, school uniforms and meals. The students were further urged to make the best of the educational opportunities being made available to them as they prepare themselves for the future.

Meanwhile, the Head of State was inducted into the local chapter of the School’s Alumni, and was presented with a token on behalf of the association and school. Also on the occasion, the Head Teacher, Ms. Mc Leod thanked the President for fulfilling his promise not only to her but the thousands of other teachers who will benefit from the initiative. Ms. Mc Leod said this initiative speaks volumes of the President as an individual and more so his character as a man.

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