Georgetown, Guyana – (September 18, 2015) As Guyana joined Chile in celebrating its 205th Independence Celebration, Guyana’s Head of State, David Granger has applauded the country for the significant strides made as a Republic nation. While attending a reception to mark the occasion, earlier today, President Granger extended congratulations to Chile and its people on behalf of all Guyanese.

The President told a packed gathering at the Cara Lodge Hall, that today’s celebration marks the start of the war of Independence, which led to the formation of the Republic State. “This has changed a poor backward colony into a prosperous state. This country today is considered to be one of the most developed countries in the South American continent,” President Granger said. Chile’s efforts at reducing poverty through the implementation of innovative social policies are widely admired, the President added.

Further, President Granger noted that it is commendable that both ‘Chile and Guyana are committed to the principles of peaceful coexistence among states, good neighborliness, the inviolability of borders, the sanctity of treaties and respect for international laws’.

“South America can remain a zone of peace only if those principles are observed scrupulously. Guyana applauds Chile’s affirmation, which states that international borders must be respected and that where disputes arise they should be settled through peaceful means and in accordance with international laws.

Meanwhile, Chile’s Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Claudio Rachel Rojas, started off his address to the gathering with a moment of silence in honor of those who lost their lives in an earthquake recently in Chile. The Ambassador said his government’s commitment to work with Guyana is clearer now as he is the first resident Ambassador to Guyana.

“We are proud of Independence and we are very proud that the process of Independence was something that was shared by our sister nations of South America. It was a common endeavor. It was not a single endeavor taken by Chile,” Ambassador Rojas said. The Ambassador also stressed the point his country places great importance on the principles of equality among States, since this is an essential basis for respect and peaceful coexistence. He added that it is for this reason the country adheres to international laws and treaties.

Guyana and Chile first established diplomatic relations back in 1971, however only on August 18 last, the first resident Ambassador presented his Letters of Credence to President Granger.

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