Georgetown, Guyana – (September 9, 2015) President David Granger says Guyana’s partnership with the European Union has impacted the local economy to a great extent, especially within the context of trade and development assistance. The President made these comments today, at the Ministry of the Presidency, as he accepted Letters of Credence from the new European Union, Ambassador to Guyana, His Excellency, Jernej Videtic.
“The EU has sought to craft the cooperation agenda to meet new challenges such as climate change, food security, regional integration, state fragility and aid effectiveness. These are all issues that impact on Guyana’s development. We are happy to learn that the EU remains committed to working with Guyana to meet these challenges,” President Granger said.
He added that his administration is pleased to continue its cooperation with the European Union with regard to a new UN development agenda for 2015 and beyond. Pillars of development cooperation, economic and trade cooperation, and reinforcement of political institutions will be crucial to the implementation of such an agenda, President Granger added.
Further, Guyana has been visible in this process through its role as co-facilitator for the recently concluded Third International Conference on Financing for Development. However, moving forward, the President said his administration will continue its constructive engagement as the world approaches the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Agreement on Climate Change, later this year.
Meanwhile, the Ambassador Videtic, in his remarks, congratulated the new administration stating that 2015 is a great year for both Guyana and the EU. “This is a very important year, given the regional and general elections, which took place in May. We wish the government the very best in furthering the development of Guyana,” the Ambassador said. This year also marks 40 years since Guyana and the European Union began their partnership.
The Ambassador said that Guyana has always played a prominent role in regional and international relations, especially with regard to formulating international developmental policies. Hence, the EU will remain committed to working closely with Guyana, in other critical areas including, combating climate change and its effects.
“All countries are affected by climate change; most of all vulnerable countries. We the EU and Guyana can do a lot by acting together on a forum to bring about change to protect our fragile planet,” the Ambassador said.
The new ambassador is the successor to, H.E Robert Kopecky who served as Ambassador for the past four years. Ambassador, Videtic, has expertise in the areas of multilateral and bilateral diplomacy, security policy, Human Rights and development cooperation policies. He holds a Master of Science Degree in International Relations from the University of Ljulijana, Faculty of Social Sciences.

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