Georgetown, Guyana – (September 7, 2015) “I firmly believe that in the 21st century there is no place for old territorial disputes. Guyana has the right and I agree that the government has a duty to seek the development of the country. The common goal should be the welfare of all peoples of the region. South America is a place of peace and will continue to be because Brazil will not accept any turmoil in its borders,” said Ambassador of Brazil to Guyana, Lineu Pupo De Paula.

The Ambassador made this statement at a function to celebrate Brazil’s 193rd Independence Anniversary at his residence, earlier this evening, even as President David Granger joined in the celebrations and reiterated his position on working to ensure peace in the region, while protecting Guyana’s borders.

While delivering the keynote address, President Granger said Guyana is looking forward to working with that Brazil to reaffirm the inviolability of borders on the continent.

“We are encouraged by Brazil’s determination not to accept any disturbance on its borders,” President Granger said. He added that Guyana has the right and a duty to seek the economic development of its resources, for the good of its people, as he reiterated that South America should be a zone of peace.

Speaking on bilateral relations between Guyana and Brazil, President Granger said both countries, have a vested interest in each other’s development. “We recall with a deep sense of satisfaction, the state visit of President Luiz Inacio Lula De Silva, March 2007, and the commissioning of the bridge between Guyana and Brazil in September 2009,” President Granger stated.

The visit and the bridge, President Granger said, signifies the deep and wide areas of bilateral cooperation that have existed over the past 47 years. The President said that he is committed to deepening, widening and strengthening of cooperation with Brazil and more fruitful talks with the President of that country.

Ambassador De Paula said the celebration seeks to bring the two countries together as they reaffirm their desire to build a free society, and a stable and lasting democracy. “We the people are the ones responsible for the fate of our countries, and for that we must unite our projects with the fate of our countries in search of an egalitarian and just society where everyone has the same rights and opportunities,” the Ambassador said.

In reaffirming his country’s commitment to Guyana’s development, the Ambassador said “Brazil has a vested interest in the development of Guyana and we are always ready to help.” He added that the areas of bilateral cooperation between the two countries are broad and include the infrastructural development projects needed for a better connection between the two countries that share border of over a thousand kilometers.

The Ambassador also took the opportunity to congratulate President Granger on his appointment, describing the appointment as one “marked by respect for the constitution.” “I firmly believe that alternation of power is essential to any democracy, the Ambassador added.

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