Georgetown, Guyana – (September 2, 2015) President David Granger this afternoon met with members of the West Berbice Chamber of Commerce (WBCC) to discuss ways on which the Chamber could work with Government to enhance the region, especially from an economic perspective. The meeting took place at the Ministry of the Presidency.

President of the WBCC, Imran Saccoor, explained that the possibilities are endless in terms of business opportunities for residents of Region Five and the membership of the Chamber wants to work closely with the Administration to ensure that those opportunities are capitalised on especially by farmers, and small and medium-scale business owners.

Saccoor said that the Chamber is pleased with the 2015 budget particularly as it relates to the sums allocated to the agriculture sector. He said that, “The region is a heavily driven agriculture region and I am optimistic that with the release of these funds our farmers would be able to benefit.”

The Region is also looking at possibilities of harnessing its tourism potential and will be staging the first ever West Berbice Expo in April next year. Plans are also underway to launch a business magazine that highlights the activities of Region Five.

“From us at the Chamber we are prepared to work with the business sector, we are prepare to work with any organisation that is willing to enhance and foster business development,” Saccoor said.

The team also took the opportunity to register their concerns about the crime situation with the President. Saccoor said that a number of business owners have been organising their own vigilante groups and working closely with the Guyana Police Force, but noted that the issue needs to be properly addressed by the authorities given its impacts on the business community.


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