Georgetown, Guyana – (August 26, 2015) In keeping with the administration’s vision for youth development, Head of State David Granger this evening called on ex-members of the Guyana National Service local and foreign arm to play a greater role in moulding the nation’s youths.
Earlier this evening dozens of ex-members of the GNS gathered at the Carifesta Sports Complex for a grand reunion event, where ideas were shared on what role the organisation can play in youth development. Even as members shared their views on what can be done to deal with social issues affecting the country’s youths, President Granger underscored the importance of education in nation building.
President Granger said too many youths have fallen prey to the social ills of society and he strongly believes that a lot of talent is wasted by having youths locked away in correctional facilities for minor offences.
“The big problem facing this country, facing young people, is not the absence of national service. It’s poverty,” the President said. Recognising this, the President said the cycle of poverty must be broken and one sure way of doing so is by affording children access to education.
“My analysis is that the major cause of poverty is the education system; the poor education. Many of us started off life poor but we were able to escape from poverty because we decided to educate ourselves, and that is what National Service did,” President Granger added.
Against this backdrop, President Granger said his administration will continue to make education a priority by ensuring that every child has easy access to education and that equal opportunities are created.
This evening’s event was among a series of activities, which started on August 22, in observance of the second GNS local and overseas chapter reunion. The forum afforded members to put forward ideas, which would see the organisation playing a greater role in overall youth development, while at the same time, addressing social ills of society. The last such reunion was held in 2012.

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