Georgetown, Guyana – (August 24, 2015) Today marks 100 days since the APNU+AFC Coalition Government has been in Office and is also the deadline for its 21-point 100-day plan. Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo said that, “We have, in fact, at 100 days today, kept those promises and we are continuing to deepen the implementation of all those promises.”

Speaking at a press briefing at Parliament building earlier today, the PM these accomplishments were made in the face of two episodes of flooding, escalation of a threat from Venezuela to the country’s sovereignty that required a lot of attention, an increase in the crime rate, and an Opposition that boycotted the Parliament and refused to recognise the legitimacy of the Government.

This, he said, speaks directly to the character of the new Government in terms of its no-nonsense approach to get things done.

“Never in my 53 years of public life have I seen any political party being as bold as this APNU+AFC coalition to put in writing that it intended to do certain things within 100 days… I can tell you that we remain undaunted and we remain committed to continue fulfilling promises and keeping faith with the Guyanese people,” the PM said.

To date, a number of the promises outlined in the plan have been delivered such as: salary increases, reduction of the Berbice Bridge toll, passage of the Anti-Money Laundering Bill, reduction of the former president’s pension and benefits package, increase in old age pension, concessions for miners and convening of conference engaging stakeholders from the rice and sugar industries, indigenous peoples, and youths.

Meanwhile, implementation of the other promises is in progress. These include: decentralisation of passport and birth certificate offices, phased reduction of VAT, local government elections, addressing corruption, liberalisation of the telecommunications and ICT sectors, development of long-term sustainable economic plan, Code of Conduct for constitutional office holders, and establishment of a task force to deal with crime, security and road safety.

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