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Slide 1 "As your President, I am unequivocally committed to governing our country and our people with affection, without discrimination and with every attention to fairness and equity." Slide 2 "I have a responsibility to provide leadership and that leadership must be supported by engagement and consultation so that we can have the best possible results for our country." Slide 3 "My Government takes its obligation seriously to ensure that the benefits derived from our new-found oil and gas resources in the coming years, are equitably distributed among all of our peoples. " Slide 4 "The Government is committed to constitutional governance and ensuring that we operate in compliance with the Constitution and the rule of law." Slide 5 "In my service to Guyana, I will not see a nation divided by ethnicity; I will see a nation cemented in unity." Slide 6 "We want to build a Guyana that is ripe with business opportunities, humming with employment expansion and growing perennially in prosperity."

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Press Releases
0 17 Jun, 2022

Govt on mission to include all citizens in Guyana’s prosperity – President Ali

-         Several projects earmarked for Region Seven

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Press Releases
0 15 Jun, 2022

We need to create a service hub in Region Seven—President Ali

Says over 500 houses will be built using labour from the region    Georgetown, Guyana

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Press Releases
0 10 Jun, 2022

OAS members must have “frank and fact-based” conversations to fix systemic issues—President Al

— Says Summit needs to define pathway for overall integration Los Angeles, California—(

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0 10 Mar, 2022

President Ali’s address to the Annual Police Officers’ Conference 2022

Madam Chancellor, Cabinet colleagues, Madam Chief Justice, Chief of Staff, Commissioner of Police,

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0 23 Feb, 2022

President Ali’s address on the occasion of Guyana’s 52nd Republic Anniversary

Fifty-two years ago, our journey as a Republic began. Along the way, there have been many successes

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0 15 Feb, 2022

President Ali’s address to the International Energy Conference and Expo Guyana 2022

In this room today, we are not here to see who is the best, we are here to forge partnerships, to b

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0 08 Jun, 2021

Government will be with farmers throughout the rebuilding phase—President Ali

New Amsterdam, Guyana (June 8, 2021) His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali today assured farmers o

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